Allan Rienstra

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Allan Rienstra is the director of business development for SDT International, a Brussels based manufacturer of ultrasound solutions comprised of hardware, software, training, and consulting.


A 30-year commitment to ultrasound applications has seen Rienstra play a leading role in the deployment of ultrasound-based solutions in 5 continents. He is the co-author of “Hear More: A Guide to Using Ultrasound for Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring.” 


A graduate of Simon Fraser University, Rienstra lives in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two sons.




[VIDEO] How does ultrasound detect Partial Discharge (PD) in high voltage electrical assets?

Allan Rienstra | SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Published with thanks to SDT Ultrasound Solutions


Experience shows that Partial Discharge (PD) activity is a contributing factor in more than 80 percent of disruptive substation failures. Ultrasound can detect PD throughout the substation, from switchgear to transformers to cables. This video, presented by Allan Rienstra of SDT Ultrasound Solutions, is an overview on how ultrasound works, its strengths and limitations, and how it can be used to detect PD in your substation equipment. “PD may be intermittent, or it may vary in intensity over time… but once it starts… the damage is always going to increase; It’s not going to get better.”

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[VIDEO] Take Five with Alan Ross and Allan Rienstra

Allan Rienstra gives us the inside scoop of what SDT Ultrasound does and what value they bring to the marketplace.