Article: Reliability Maintenance Augmented by Visual Plan 3D Visualization: Closing the Gap Between Inspection and Remediation

By Kelly Watt, CEO & Founder of Visual Plan, Member, EPRA

When it comes to mechanical, electrical and critical asset management, routine manual inspection is a critical component of every reliability maintenance strategy. However, identifying and reporting findings is only as effective as the remediation strategy.  Inspection reports, maintenance histories, and design basis memorandums (DBM) stored in various data silos disassociate critical information from the physical location and environmental context of an asset: this leads to communication issues, service delays, extended downtime, and even catastrophic failure.

Advances in analytics,  AI, automation, and reality capture are improving efficiencies in reliability maintenance strategies by integrating predictive maintenance methodologies and documentation with streamlined visual data management to create actionable 3D visualization of the physical space and assets. No matter the inspection method, 3D visualization narrows the time gap from issue detection to remediation.

If you are a plant manager or maintenance supervisor the information contained in this article, authored by Visual Plan, will help you understand how to breakdown data silos and unify all of your electrical asset information.