•  Mobius Institute and EPRA formalize knowledge-sharing alliance

  • Founder and Managing Director Jason Tranter appointed to EPRA board. 


We are excited to announce that Electric Power Reliability Alliance and Mobius Institute have created an alliance, and that Mobius Institute founder and managing director Jason Tranter has joined the EPRA advisory board.


What it means to EPRA

We're excited to formalize the relationship between our organizations, with the goal of bringing electric power reliability expertise to a wider audience. The new alliance is part of a concerted effort by EPRA and Mobius Institute as we work to connect our electric power reliability practitioners to the wider reliability world to offer a greater range of expertise to members of both EPRA and Mobius RELIABILITY CONNECT®

What it means to members

As we work alongside Mobius Institute on issues related to electric power reliability, it will benefit members of both organizations in two key areas: safety and plant performance. Both EPRA and Mobius Institute share expert-authored resources with members through conferences, seminars, and training, with both creating and curating digital content. 


What it means to our industry

EPRA and Mobius Institute have different areas of expertise but are aligned in the way they approach knowledge sharing. Alliances like this show just how much things are changing in our industry, and how industrial America is starting to take notice and starting to realize that, without power, there is no reliability.

What to look out for in the long-term

Ross said that EPRA is working towards developing a certification for electric power reliability practitioners, and that the alliance will explore working with Mobius Institute as a certifying body.

Alan Ross
President/Founder of EPRA

Alan Ross is responsible for leading the alliance to build electric system reliability in the industrial and commercial marketplace.

Jason Tranter
Managing Director/Founder of Mobius Institute
Member of EPRA Advisory Board

Jason Tranter is the founder of Mobius Institute and is the inventor, designer and master developer of Mobius Institute product offerings. 

It’s terrific to finally have a strong focus in the electrical area. There hasn’t been that sort of focus and attention for all the years I’ve been involved with [reliability].



By bringing people together with all their different expertise and experience and focus areas, you end up with a much better outcome. When everyone’s trying to achieve the same goals, they come together and make something like this work.