Electric Power Reliability Summit 2022

JOIN THE CONVERSATION August 30th - September 1st.

At the John S. Knight Center, Akron, OH

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This is where the "rubber meets the road," where knowledge is shared and where alliances are created.

At the EPRA Summit 2022 our Safety & Reliability and Accreditation & Certification Working Groups will be rolling out the first EPRA Safety & Reliability Guideline and the all new EPRA Power System Reliability Process Analysis Tool.

Claim your spot among the most prominent practitioners in our industry. Learn from experts. Share your experience. Be part of the conversation—live and in-person. The Summit was the birthplace of our alliance, and it remains the only event in the world centered around electric power reliability for industrial and commercial facilities. You are invited.


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New for 2022 the EPRA Summit (EPRS) we will offer the opportunity for industry leaders to exhibit and present their solutions to improving safety and reliability of electric power systems.

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Non-Members: $1700.00

Associate Resource and Alliance Partners: $1000.00

Ambassador and Premier Resource Partners: $500.00

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Featured Session

September 18, 2019

Dan Smith, of the Lower Colorado River Authority, reflects on his time as vice president of electric service delivery at Austin Energy. Smith discusses the problems faced by high-stakes organizations, such as hospitals, where power losses have the potential to cause more than just lost dollars. How can utilities work with organizations to keep their power systems reliable and keep ultra-critical applications (such as a neonatal ward) running with zero unexpected downtime. (46:16)