An Industrial/Commercial Member is a reliability practitioner, professional, or technician who is responsible for the reliability of electric power systems.

As an Industrial/Commercial Member, you will have full access to all the resources available through EPRA, with opportunities for collaboration with experts and peers, discounted training, exclusive educational content, and career development opportunities.

This membership option is for professionals who want to be part of the movement, who value the role of electric power reliability at their facility, and who can use the best resources in our industry to take their organization to the next level.



Access exclusive content, connect with peers online and face-to-face, and leverage the tools and expertise that will help you create a reliable electric power system.

Your EPRA membership demonstrates your commitment to lifelong learning and to electric power reliability leadership. Join today and you can:

  • Access “member only” content on MyEPRA
  • Enjoy discounted rates at the Electric Power Reliability Summit
  • Participate in new ways of recognizing competence
  • Network with peers and industry leaders
  • Attend national and regional EPRA events ​
  • Receive and bestow professional recognition
  • Create a community of experts and practitioners​
  • Build your knowledge and hone your talents​
  • Extend your reach beyond the Alliance