Maria Lamorey is the PPG Commercial Manager for General Finishes. She has 20 years’ experience in Industrial OEM Manufacturing.


Before PPG, Lamorey worked with Alcoa for 8 years, transitioning into the electrical equipment industry, where she acquired a decade of experience while also becoming a certified instructor for a nationally PDH accredited course on material science in electrical equipment design.


Lamorey is an active member of the IEEE Transformer Committee and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). She has been recognized for her growth in the electrical equipment market by the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

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Maria Lamorey


[ARTICLE] Corrosion: Eating Away at Electrical Components

By Maria Lamorey | PPG.

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ABSTRACT: According to NACE International, the corrosion of metal on infrastructure, buildings, equipment, and vehicles costs the world’s consumers, businesses, and governments more than $1 trillion each year.


Electrical component manufacturers and their customers bear a significant portion of that expense, yet the best strategies for designing and coating electrical enclosures, transformers, switchgear, and lighting fixtures to protect against this nemesis are often an afterthought. This is problematic for several reasons. For one, electrical equipment may be required to withstand
decades of service in harsh environments. 

[ARTICLE] Surviving the Elements with Corrosion Resistance

By Maria Lamorey | PPG.

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ABSTRACT: Performance-critical electrical equipment—typically fabricated from a variety of metals—must withstand years of challenging outdoor conditions to support the flow, supply, and management of electricity. Few consider how critical it is to protect the metals that house these vital components and ensure their reliability.