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FORUM: Safety and Reliability: Two Sides of the Same Coin
July 9, 2020 
In this forum you'll learn about:

  • Aligning OSHA statistics with reliability

  • Investing in reliability and safety

  • Reducing unplanned downtime

  • Delivering increased safety and reliability in electrical power distribution systems

FORUM: Transformer and breakers spares program
June 25, 2020 
In this forum you'll learn about:

  • Sourcing and storing spares for your electrical assets.

  • Testing components of your electrical system and your spares.

  • Budgeting and planning for a spares program.

  • Overcoming common obstacles related to electrical asset spares.


FORUM: "We can't get approved!"   
June 4, 2020 
In this forum you'll learn about:

  • Protecting and prioritizing your maintenance budget in the wake of an international health crisis.

  • Overcoming objections to investment in your reliability plan.

  • Leveraging existing relationships to ensure that operational expenses--testing, maintenance, repairs--and dollars for capital projects remain to keep an aging asset base functioning.


IRISS Inc.’s Safety & Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies® (SMART) offers online training and certification that provide the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete electrical inspections safely and efficiently.

The Infrared and Ultrasound courses are guided by subject-matter experts and are perfect for technicians new to the industry and seasoned professionals alike. The knowledge, skills, and abilities developed from the program are beneficial in a profession that is harnessing the power of technology to advance reliability.

From maintenance staff to operations management, the coursework is invaluable to the creation of concise, accurate inspection methods and critical asset management.


Martin Robinson is the founder, owner, and CEO of IRISS Inc., a leading manufacturer of infrared inspection windows.


Robinson is an innovator. His company, IRISS, Inc., is a pioneer of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) that help protect technicians from harm while saving their company's money. 


He holds several patents for condition based maintenance devices and has designed multiple maintenance programs that include infrared, ultrasound, partial discharge testing, non-destructive esting (NDT) and energy management strategies.


He holds a NEBOSH certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, an IAM Certificate in Asset Management, is a certified Level III Thermographer, a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL). 

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Martin Robinson


Founder/CEO of IRISS, Inc.