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Why support EPRA?

At EPRA, we understand that a reliable power system is the lifeblood of any production facility, distribution system, data center, or commercial enterprise. By joining EPRA—as a member or a partner—you are committing yourself and/or your company to supporting our mission, which is to ensure there are no power outages and no accidents at your facilities…ever. We can accomplish this by building and maintaining safe and reliable practices across our plants and for our employees.


Charter Members are individuals that have more than a growing interest in electric power reliability—these members want to help shape the state of the industry and be in on the action. EPRA Working Groups are working hard to create an industry standard for what makes a safe and reliable workplace; Charter Members get to be at the forefront of this process as it takes place in real time, cementing themselves as an active participant in the growth and implementation of a safety and reliability standard for our industry. Charter Membership is $185.00/year.

Charter Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounts on EPRA events
  • Ability to submit and have published - articles, whitepapers, video and other educational material for our Body of Knowledge (BoK) and community
  • Access to and discounts on industry related training through some of our partners
  • Opportunity to participate in EPRA Working Groups
  • Opportunity to be a panelist on the EPRA Forums
  • And More!

As a Corporate Partner, you are making the statement that your company is committed to making a difference in the electric power reliability space. By joining EPRA, you are supporting your key staff members and sponsoring them as Charter Members.
EPRA is the only organization of its kind focused exclusively on industrial and commercial reliability of electrical systems. We’re here to create a legacy of knowledge for the current generation of practitioners and for the generations of practitioners to come. We welcome your team.
Annual Commitment $5,000

Resource Partners are committed to creating safer, more reliable electric power systems in the industrial and commercial world.  Resource Partners share their subject-matter expertise, product knowledge, and unique experiences with the wider community of electric power reliability practitioners—in a sales pitch-free environment.

Two partnership options allow you to select the engagement level that best fits your needs and the needs of our practitioners:

Associate Resource Partner

EPRA members count on our Associate Resource Partners to help them discover processes, training, equipment, and knowledge to build their electric power reliability program and to grow as professionals.

Annual $2,500 commitment

Premier Resource Partner

Premier Resource Partners are a vital part of EPRA. With a Premier partnership you’ll take the lead in equipping our members with the latest technology by arming them with the knowledge and tools they need to keep their entire system safe and reliable.

Annual $5,000 commitment

Partnership at each tier provides excellent value to both our member base and to you. Thank you for considering an alliance with our organization. We invite you to join the movement and make a difference.




EPRA Community Members are individuals that have a shared interest in learning more about safety and reliability, connecting with fellow practitioners, learning from industry leaders, and participating in the growing efforts of EPRA to build awareness around what makes a reliable system and how to implement these best practices. EPRA welcomes Community Members from all industries, experience levels, and job responsibilities. Community Membership is free to join. 




EPRA Alliance Partners are companies who share the same goal as EPRA: to ensure reliable plants and systems that keep our employees, coworkers, and families safe. EPRA is happy to help promote Alliance Partner events, podcasts, webinars, conferences, etc. through our email and social media channels. Becoming an Alliance Partner is free—we are happy to help promote your company!


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