Article: What Can I See Through an Infrared Viewing Pane?

By IRISS, Inc.

An infrared window allows you to inspect live energized components and connections inside of an electrical cabinet without having to remove covers to do so. As with traditional thermographic inspections, i.e. inspections completed without IR Windows, we can see temperature differences very clearly. However, when trying to survey components that do not have any faults, very little load, and are at the same temperature, you will see very little if anything at all! (which is the case 99% of the time with thermographic inspections without IR windows). You must have the confidence in your infrared window, they are designed to allow infrared energy to transmit through them at a known transmission rate; therefore, if there is even a slight temperature difference you will be able to see that with your IR camera, and be able to record images for the IR inspection trend analysis program. You need to be aware of several essential points when using IR windows, they are:

• The transmission rate of the window you are using.

• The emissivity of the targets you are looking at.

• How many targets you are looking for through the IR window

• The focus range of the IR camera you are using (some lower priced cameras have a focus range of 20 inches!!)

• The Infrared wavelength your camera operates within.

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