What is the Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA)?

If you’re reading this, then you are already a member of the Electric Power Reliability Alliance. Congratulations!

During a recent podcast with Martin Robinson of IRISS, Inc., he told Alan Ross (EPRA, SDMyers) that the military have an acronym for everything. Acronyms save time. Well, for better or for worse, our industry is also very fond of acronyms. Perhaps it’s because the industry is filled with engineers and developers, two professions for which a respect for precision and brevity and elegance are prerequisite.

Whatever the reason, we too have followed the standard. We may be the Electric Power Reliability Alliance, but let’s just go with EPRA from here on out.

EPRA. See? Isn’t that better.

Alan Ross has developed a much more comprehensive and elegant overview of this topic. This post is more of a “quick reference” to what EPRA is and how we serve ourselves, each other, our organizations, the wider reliability community, the environment, and users of electricity across our or society.

What is EPRA?

The Electric Power Reliability Alliance is a membership organization of industrial and commercial practitioners, professionals, academics and executives who are responsible for the reliability of high-voltage electric power systems. EPRA is supported by resource partners, risk management professionals, professional associations and academic partners. We openly share our knowledge, tools, resources, experiences and best practices to foster a body of knowledge that focuses on practical and actionable information.

How do we help each other?

As “iron sharpens iron,” EPRA members work collaboratively to increase their own skills as well as the skills of their peers, we work to create industry-wide awareness and understanding to advance the profile—and knowledge base—of electric power reliability. The value of a Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA) membership is access to the experience expertise of your peers through conversations, articles, podcasts, video, the Practitioner Perspectives journal, and the annual Electric Power Reliability Summit.

What is the purpose of EPRA?

The mission of EPRA is to advance the awareness and understanding of the real risk to industrial and commercial power systems, and to promote not only best-practices and methodologies for electric power system reliability, but also sharing the qualitative experiences of practitioners who have embarked on successful reliability journeys--and overcome corporate and organizational barriers to get there.

Lee Murray, CRL

Lee Murray is senior content editor with Tallmadge, Ohio-based SDMyers LLC, a transformer maintenance, oil testing, training, and field service company.

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