Podcast: Alan Ross & Jason Tranter

Alan Ross, founder and president of EPRA, spoke to Jason Tranter, founder and managing director of Mobius Institute, about the new alliance between the organizations.

In the first part of this series, Tranter explains the background of Mobius Institute, the gap his organization filled at its inception, and how reliability professionals use the tools and resources Mobius provides to build safer and more reliable operations. Tranter became a board member in April 2020 following the announcement of the alliance between EPRA and Mobius Institute. More...

“There were people going to work every day ant they were responsible for testing these machines with thousands and thousands of dollars, that could cause accidents and environmental incidents and cost the company a lot of money and there they were with these very sophisticated instruments, and in many cases they didn’t really know how to do it.” – Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute

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