Podcast: Alan Ross speaks to Chip Angus

In this episode of the Electric Power Reliability Podcast, Alan Ross speaks to Chip Angus about who shoulders the responsibility of electric power reliability within an organization, how to get everyone on board with a reliability plan, and why procurement should work more closely with engineers when making capital purchases.

"Everybody knows that safety is everybody’s responsibility. But… when you ask, 'who is responsible for electric reliability?' fingers are going every which way." - Chip Angus

"Electrical systems are failing and it is costing millions of dollars." - Alan Ross

"When you’re faced with having to write a check for a million dollars, it can be daunting. Don’t sit down and write a check for a million dollars. Put together a plan. Address your critical units first, and spread the rest over three to five years." - Chip Angus

"The idea that Procurement needs to work more closely with engineers? We need to push that. You can’t spec robustness." - Alan Ross

"You know what price pressure does? It drops down to “just meet spec.” Sounds like it’s in the procurement guy’s best interest. It’s not. Get the engineer involved. And I’m not saying that as an engineer. I’m saying that as an engineer." - Alan Ross
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