Whitepaper: Incorrect Temperature Measurements: The Importance of Transmissivity & Infrared Windows

By Martin Robinson, CMRP Level III Thermographer President, IRISS Inc.

Infrared (IR) windows save lives. Most Thermographers today are thankful to perform their scans without the danger and time of removing heavy panels. But just as the thermal imager is a tool - so is the IR Window. And as with any tool, it must be used correctly to get the desired results. Standardization is the key to getting repeatable results and accurate measurements. Many applications that benefit from infrared analysis do not require exact temperature measurements. For instance: Using thermography to conduct insulation surveys on building envelopes does not require concise temperature data; neither does locating a loose fuse clip. But when temperature is used as a criticality for major repairs (shut down required), it is imperative that your data is accurate.

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