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The EPRA Vision

The Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA) was formed for industrial and commercial electric power reliability professionals.


We are a “practitioner to practitioner” collaborative community, bringing proven and practical resources and shared experiences to electric power practitioners in the industrial and commercial markets.


We share tools, resources, and experiences and work towards better practices to advance electric power reliability—specifically for industrial and commercial organizations.

For more information on bringing your organization alongside the Electric Power Reliability Alliance, contact:

Rachel Linke, Member Services Manager.

Why EPRA? Why now?
A reliable power system is the lifeblood of any production facility, distribution system, data center or commercial enterprise. 

The industrial world has a strong maintenance and reliability focus on operations and production systems—vibration, lube and oil analysis, rotating equipment, etc.—but the electric power system has been largely absent from reliability programs. The assets that make up the power system have been the most trusted and robust asset class within industrial and commercial organizations, and this has caused a false sense of security and an organizational blind spot that must be addressed.

As we address aging infrastructures, automation, Machine Learning and Maintenance 4.0, it is critical that we include the power system in our reliability and maintenance plans. We must invest time, energy, and talent into understanding the health of these assets.


We must build systems and processes that increase the reliability of our electrical systems, at the most effective cost. As a community, we can work together to make a difference in our own organizations and across industrial America.



A place where collaboration and knowledge-sharing and is the norm.  For a current list of our Resource Practitioners, Corporate Practitioners and Alliance Partners, Click the button below.





Spread your company's message through various content channels, connect with prospects online and face-to-face, and share your subject-matter expertise with an engaged audience of maintenance and reliability professionals, academics, and decision-makers.

Resource Practitioner Members receive:


•    Access to the members only community site along with like-minded professionals in the electrical system reliability space.

•    Access to exclusive articles, podcasts, video content, and presentations.

•    The opportunity to share your message and content with an engaged audience.

•    Connections to experienced peer professionals and SMEs for sharing better practices and industry standards.

•    A platform to share better practices, standards, event experiences, and innovations and advancements in a private non-commercial protected environment, exclusively for members.

•    Speaking engagements and publishing opportunities, along with active planning and participation in regional and national events, such as the Electric Power Reliability Summit, Regional Power Intensives.

•    Input and support for the development and implementation of the Certified Electric Reliability Professional (CERP) and Certified Electric Reliability Technician (CERT) designations, to provide HR Training and Education guidance on staff development

•    Creation and sharing of Tools and resources to enable our practitioners to communicate the Electric Power Reliability process to their site or corporate leaders.

•    Early access to the latest technology and techniques for building and maintaining electric power systems along with the changes taking place in design, testing, maintenance and monitoring of the assets within these systems.

•    Collaboration with with NETA, IEEE, SMRP, ReliabilityWeb, Reliable Plant and others to establish standards and guidelines which support our members.

•    The ability to become an authorized Training Provider to share your free and fee-based training.

•    Gain technical and practical knowledge and expertise creating career advancement opportunities.

EPRA is the only organization of its kind focused exclusively on industrial and commercial reliability of electrical systems.

We’re here to create a legacy of knowledge for the current generation of practitioners and for the generations of practitioners to come. 

We welcome your contribution.

For more information on working alongside the Electric Power Reliability Alliance as a resource practitioner,

contact Rachel Linke, Member Services Manager, at

Participate in regional and national EPRA events such as the Electric Power Reliability Summit and bi-monthly intensives throughout the US and Canada.

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