We hit the road this fall to bring electrical power reliability knowledge to practitioners across the country. We stopped in Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, and Lake Charles, LA for a series of one-day seminars led by the top professionals in the industry. Subject matter experts delivered multiple presentations on all aspects of electrical reliability and examined the links between reliability, productivity, and safety. 


This wasn't an expo or a sales pitch; the roadshow is about learning from experts and improving understanding of electrical reliability.  


Electrical Reliability Roadshow - PdMA

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Electrical Reliability Roadshow - FLIR

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Electrical Reliability Roadshow - IRISS

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FULL PRESENTATION: Electrical motor reliability basics| (59:07)

November 30, 2019

How can you make the electric motors at your plant more reliable? This presentation by Noah Bethel of PdMA covers the essentials of electrical motor reliability. Bethel explains the basic tenets of quality control, training, and troubleshooting, the four stress factors that shorten a motors life, the risk involved by not keeping spares in suitable conditions, and the benefits of trending.

In this exclusive presentation, Bethel covers:

  • A complete understanding of the electric motor fault zones

  • Common "Quality Control" gaps on new & refurbished motors

  • The importance of "Trending" electric motor test data and errors plaguing many facilities today relating to the analysis of data

  • End of life "Troubleshooting" strategies and mistakes

FULL PRESENTATION: Safety and reliability-centered maintenance| (57:29)

November 29, 2019

How is safety interconnected with reliability-centered maintenance? This presentation by Todd Padezanin of FLIR explores the cost of not having an advanced electrical reliability plan, the industrial instruments used to maximize safety and uptime, handheld thermal imaging equipment for users of various skill sets, automated continuous monitoring, and electrical testing and measurement tools.

In this exclusive presentation, Padezanin covers:

  • Industrial Instruments to Maximize Safety & Electrical Uptime

  • Handheld thermal imaging of electrical components for all skills sets

  • Automated continuous monitoring for most critical systems

  • Electrical test and measurement tools

  • Digital integration options for CMMS, SCADA, and DCS

FULL PRESENTATION: Why do we need effective electrical maintenance programs?| (52:52)

November 26, 2019

This presentation by Rudy Wodrich of IRISS, Inc. takes a deep dive into why electric power maintenance programs are essential for all organizations. Wodrich explains why calendar-based maintenance programs are a "bad bet," how you can use technology to detect the early warning signs of most types of equipment failure, and how performing a criticality analysis helps you prioritize condition based monitoring activities and which technologies to use for inspections.

In this exclusive presentation, Wodrich covers:

  • Reliability for Electrical Systems

  • Electrical equipment failure modes & effects analysis methods

  • Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies

  • Data collection in the era of NFPA 70E (2018 edition) rules

  • Types and Usage of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices

  • Measuring the impact of an Electrical Reliability Program

Stories from the road...

Roadshow is about practical and applied learning| (0:46)

October 30, 2019

Alan Ross, President of EPRA: "I think the biggest thing is we'd like these to be filled up with 100, 200 people who can walk out of here and say, A, I learned; B, I connected with some other people and C, I have something I can go back and teach others or apply, because we want this to be applied learning, not just learning or not just an expo where you come and say "hey, buy our stuff!" We want it to be applied learning. And I can tell you from the practitioners, from PdMA and from IRISS and from FLIR, what where people left with was practical knowledge they can use... that was great.'"

A deeper dive into today's inspection technology| (0:48)

October 30, 2019

Noah Bethel, VP of Product Development at PdMA: "To me, it’s interesting because it starts out with a very broad, you know, the whole EPRA group is a very broad aspect of reliability and then the technologies are allowed to go a little bit deeper."

Why we took our message on the road| (1:33)

October 30, 2019

Rudy Wodrich, VP of Engineering Services at IRISS, Inc.: "We decided instead was to partner up with three other companies who are kind of in the same realm, same space as us but all with a slightly different focus and take this messaging on the road, where we're setting up these one-day sessions in multiple cities around the country, inviting people to come free of charge to attend, listen to four really good speakers with four messages around electrical reliability and safety...we felt that it would be a good opportunity to take that message to some people who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to hear it."

Attention, awareness, and understanding| (1:14)

October 30, 2019

Alan Ross, President of EPRA: “I think we're going to just raise the bar on the criticality of electrical system reliability and how unprepared we are in industry and commerce to be there. Things are getting worse not better with the aging of infrastructure, with the change out of the boomers to the next generation. And finally with new technology, it doesn't necessarily make for a more reliable system when you add new technology into an aging infrastructure and that's what's happening right now. So I think my job is to get their attention. That's what we're going to do.”

Recaps from Milwaukee and Chicago

Two down, two to go! Check out what you missed in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL and what you can expect on our stops in Houston, TX and Lake Charles, LA in mid-November. Attendance is free, and includes one free month of EPRA membership (no auto-renewal).

Interview: Rudy Wodrich, IRISS, Inc.

We caught up with Rudy Wodrich from IRISS, Inc in Chicago to talk about how to quantify the benefits of electric power reliability, the dangers facing young and inexperienced maintenance workers, how to build safety into product design, and the paradigm shift needed to turn a reactionary maintenance culture into a reliability culture. Wodrich's full presentation will be available to EPRA members soon. Click here join EPRA for free until 2020.



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