Roy Huff is the vice president and partner in The Snell Group, an inspections services company specializing in auditing, mentoring and consulting services for a broad range of industries.


He serves as New Product Development Manager and Instructor, with expertise in the application of both infrared (IR) and electric motor testing(EMT) technologies. 

With a background in reliability engineering and recognized as an expert in the field of infrared inspection technologies, Huff has travelled extensively to share his insights. In 1998, he traveled to several (former) Soviet-designed nuclear power plant sites around the world and conducted training to help them improve their safety procedures.

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Roy Huff

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FORUM: New Tools for Diagnostics and Monitoring of Electrical Systems
July 9, 2020 
In this forum you'll learn to:

  • ​Create the most advanced approaches in gathering real-time monitoring data

  • Improve the safety of ultrasound and infrared inspections

  • Explore the future of monitoring systems


The Snell Group provides online training courses you can participate in without leaving your home or office. Learn at your own pace, when and where you want!
As technology in the world around us advances, so does the delivery of infrared training. The Snell Group’s new online training courses feature the knowledge-rich material students expect from a live course, combined with the convenience of a web-based platform. 


The curriculum is designed and overseen by ASNT Level 3 NDT and PdM Certificate Holders. All instructors have years of field experience as well as instructional backgrounds and have been certified in the Snell Methodology of Instruction.

The video-based course is divided up into sections including lectures, hands-on infrared demonstrations and experiments, and field assignments.  Each module is a building block that allows the viewer to build their knowledge in a progressive sequence. Quizzes, supplemental materials, and exercises reinforce important learning concepts. You can start and stop each module whenever you want to, and go back to any and all modules at any time to watch again. 

You will receive:

  • Full support for any questions you have during each step of your educational learning process

  • A printed student reference manual

  • Supplemental printable materials in the user interface

  • Self-directed experiments and field-work to enhance your learning experience and give you practical experience to gain confidence

  • Quizzes throughout the course

  • Course examination

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the course and examination

  • Any materials needed shipped free anywhere in the world by courier

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