Whitepaper: Choosing a Thermal Imager for Condition Monitoring

Ten years ago, you really could not find a new full-featured imager for much less than $20,000 USD. Today, there are many fantastic choices out there for condition monitoring applications with a wide range of features in prices ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 USD.

Even better, the ideal thermal imager for industrial maintenance today does not necessarily need to be “top-of-the-line” or “most expensive.”

Depending on your inspection requirements there are many fine choices in the lower half of the price range that can often meet your needs whether you are an in-plant thermographer or outside service contractor.

If you are a plant manager or maintenance supervisor the information contained in this whitepaper, authored by The Snell Group, will help decipher the complex world of infrared and choices for infrared thermal imaging cameras.