The Electric Power Reliability Alliance was formed for electric power reliability professionals.

We are a “practitioner-to-practitioner” collaborative community, bringing proven and practical resources and shared experiences to practitioners in the industrial and commercial markets.

We share tools, resources, and experiences and work towards better practices to advance electric power reliability—specifically for industrial and commercial organizations.

Why EPRA, Why now?


A reliable power system is the lifeblood of any production facility, distribution system, data center or business.

The industrial world has a strong maintenance and reliability focus on operations and production systems—vibration, lube and oil analysis, rotating equipment, etc.—but the electric power system has been largely absent from reliability programs. The assets that make up the power system have been the most trusted and robust asset class within industrial and commercial organizations, and this has caused a false sense of security and an organizational blind spot that must be addressed.

As we address aging infrastructures, automation, Machine Learning and Maintenance 4.0, it is critical that we include the power system in our reliability and maintenance plans. We must invest time, energy, and talent into understanding the health of these assets.

We must build systems and processes that increase the reliability of our electrical systems, at the most effective cost. As a community, we can work together to make a difference in our own organizations and across industrial America.